Backward Compatibility


  • Old plug-in versions don’t support scenes which are made with newer ones.
  • if it is possible new plug-in versions support scenes which are made with the previous versions not older then 1.8.5. If new version breaks backward compatibility you will be informed in this documentation and in the change log.

Version 2.6.0

In this version Datarefs and Commands project format was changed. The new format allows you to use data started with figures.
Symbol ‘’:’’ must immediately follow the ID. Example: 000001: my/dataref/name
You must manually change your DataRefs.txt and Commands.txt project files if they have data ID.

Version 2.4.0

In this version bug with LODs’ values was fixed.


This change may need your attention:

Version 2.2.0

In this version the cockpit and manipulators state machine was changed. Previous behavior worked incorrectly. The plug-in will ask you to update your scene. The update will add the panel manipulator to all objects that have cockpit or cockpit region attribute except the objects that have already another manipulator.
After the update you have to check the affected objects manually because it isn’t possible to do the correct updating programmatically in some cases, so if some objects don’t need the enabled panel manipulator just disable it.


  • Previous behavior: The panel manipulator was enabled implicitly with the cockpit or cockpit region attribute and was incorrectly disabled in some cases (it is the bug). There was also incorrect interaction between cockpit/cockpit region and manipulators.
  • New behavior: The panel manipulator have to be enabled explicitly if you need it. The bugs were fixed.