Don’t forget to see Backward Compatibility

2.6.0 (28.11.2018)

  • Added: Settings - enable/disable project’s DataRefs and Commands ID usage.
  • Added: Settings - enable/disable project’s DataRefs and Commands Sorting.
  • Updated: Datarefs and Commands project format. Symbol ‘’:’’ must immediately follow the ID. See the help for more details.
  • Fixed: Bug when you try to set custom DataRef or Command key while project’s DataRef or Command list is open, the key was set as ERROR_DATA_NOT_FOUND

2.5.0-beta (27.10.2018)

  • Added: Dialog DataRefs/Commands selector. I.e. buttons drf: and cmd: are implemented now.
  • Added: Settings window. Use menu X-Plane->Settings for accessing it.
  • Added: Ability to use tool-tip for ATTR_manip_noop.
  • Added: Ability to use text variables in the param light’s parameters string.
  • Updated: Link to the help. It is on-line now.
  • Updated: Embedded named and param lights’ names lists. Full list you can find here X-Plane-root/Resources/bitmaps/world/lites/lights.txt
  • Fixed: Sorting algorithm for LODs. #9
  • Fixed: Bug for attribute printing: AttrShiny AttrBlend. Default/disabled values were not printed when those attributes were enabled and then disabled.

2.4.0-beta (12.09.2018)

  • Added: Supporting for 3ds max 2018 and 2019.
  • Improved: Some GUI elements/windows/dialogs.
  • Fixed: LODs’ values exporting. It isn’t scaled anymore if you use system units other than ‘meters’.


New Plug-in’s dock window and menu aren’t good adjusted to be used with the new 3Ds Max’s workspaces conception.

2.3.1 (31.08.2018)

  • Updated: Some manipulators UI text to be shorter.
  • Updated: Limits for values of hide/show animation. 10 000 -> 1 000 000.
  • Fixed: LIGHT_SPILL_CUSTOM direction export.
  • Fixed: Signature printing.
  • Fixed: Printing incorrect attribute name for the ATTR_manip_command_switch_up_down and ATTR_manip_command_switch_left_right.

2.3.0 (05.10.2017)

  • Added: Error if any LOD except the first one contains hard polygons.
  • Added: Auto-flip normals for objects with mirrored transformation.
  • Fixed: GUI for the light param.
  • Fixed: Creating two sided mesh.
  • Fixed: Printing custom name of the LIGHT_PARAM.

2.2.1 (26.08.2017)

  • Fixed: Printing error if texture name contains illegal symbols.
  • Fixed: Opening update message for non x-plane scenes.
  • Fixed: Crashing on some objects, for example ‘Biped Object’.
  • Fixed: Vertical scroll bar in the export console.

2.2.0 (10.07.2017)

  • Modified: By default all the manipulators are disabled now! Previous behavior was: the ‘panel’ manipulator was implicitly set when you added any cockpit attribute like ATTR_cockpit.
  • Added: Panel-Click manipulator. This manipulator should be used for the cockpit geometry (ATTR_cockpit) when you want to enable the panel manipulators.
  • Added: Checking if opening scene was created with a newer plug-in version. If so then the scene will not be loaded and a warning will be printed.
  • Added: Smoke object. It can be found near X-Obj and X-Lod.
  • Added: ‘X-Plane’ menu on the 3Ds Max’s top menu bar.
  • Added: Documentation in the separated repository. Use the ‘X-Plane’ menu to get it.
  • Fixed: Log file creation for some 3d max versions.
  • Fixed: Manipulators’ state machine. There were some problems in the state machine one of them could lead to undefined behavior, it was fixed.

2.1.0 (16.05.2017)

  • Added: ‘(U) Update’ buttons for the animation rollups, allows you to re-synchronize animation keys and values.
  • Added: Tool-tips for the some controls of the export window.
  • Added: Ability to enable or disable ‘X-Obj’ export. It helps when you work with more than one ‘X-Obj’ in the scene. You can export only selected ones.
  • Added: Check-box for enabling auto-export. If it is enabled then the export will be auto-started without pressing the ‘Export’ button.
  • Fixed: Link to donate. The button ‘donate’ leads to the correct web page now.
  • Fixed: Loop animation attribute printing.

2.0.2-beta (23.04.2017)

  • Added: Changing the text of the update button if a new version is available.
  • Fixed: Potential unstable code.

2.0.1-beta (22.04.2017)

  • Added: Auto-check for update. If a new version is available after exporting you will see the information in the console.
  • Fixed: Incorrect error printing for the animation keys.
  • Fixed: Cloning X-Plane object data during the objects clone in the 3Ds Max 2017.

2.0.0-beta (19.04.2017)

  • Released: beta version.