For export the objects go File→Export→(Export) and choose X-Plane Obj specify the name and press save.


If there are more than one objects for exporting then the file name will be ignored and the name from X-Obj will be used.


  • Donate: Opens the link where you can donate for the developing the plugin.
  • Check for Update: Opens the link where you can see the actual plugin version.
  • About: Opens the window with the information about the plugin.
  • Exporter: Starts exporting.
  • Cancel: Closes the window and aborts the exporting.

Objects for exporting

This area contains list of all X-Obj in the scene and you can enable or disable the exporting for the certain objects.
The selection set is not the global and it is saved with the 3Ds Max’s scene.


  • Auto-Export: In normal way you have to press the button Export to start the exporting but when you do that action very often and don’t change any settings you can check this checkbox and the export will be auto-started without pressing the Export button. The state of the parameter isn’t the global and it is saved with the 3Ds Max’s scene.

Log console

The plug-in prints the information into the console about some events. (info, warnings, errors etc…) - Save Log: This button saves the current 3Ds Max’s log into the place you have specifies. The log file is necessary when you report about some bugs.