• Enable: Enables or disables this animation export.
  • U: (Update) Synchronizes animation keys and associated with them values.
  • Value: Click the line in the list view below and then with this spinner you can set the necessary value.
  • Dfr : DataRef for the animation.
  • Reverse: If checked then the animation keys will be reversed while exporting, it doesn’t affect the animation in the 3Ds max scene.
  • RV: Reverses values of the DataRef.
  • Calc.V: Opens the value calculator. The calculator tries to calculate the values for the correct linear animation, so the values depends on the frame number where the animation keys are. It is useful when you try to animate relation between the objects or simulate Inverse/forward Kinematic, for example: mechanism of the landing gears.
  • Loop: Enables or disables loop animation.


  • Enable: Enables or disables this animation export.
  • Add Show and Add Hide: Adds corresponding animation to the animation list.
  • Del: Deletes the selected animation from the animation list.
  • v1 and v2: sets the corresponding values to the selected animation.
  • Dfr : DataRef for the animation.