Welcome to StepToSky 3DsMax-XplnObj’s documentation!

Plug-in version: 2.6.0
Doc revision: 1


You can leave your wishes and bug-reports on the following sites:


Supporting some old 3Ds Max versions may be dropped soon. At this time we don’t exactly know what versions will be dropped but we are aimed to support last 3 3Ds Max versions.
It is difficult to develop and test the plug-in for all 3Ds max versions and different OS like windows 7, windows 10. So it may not be tested for some 3Ds Max versions and may have problems with them.


The plug-in isn’t UNICODE friendly. Don’t use paths and strings with none ASCII characters!
The X-Plane’s .obj also doesn’t support none ASCII characters for example: datarefs, commands, tool-tips etc …